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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I decided to write this blog post after talking with someone in my Facebook group who just can’t stop raging everytime he dies in Fortnite.

I think that it’s a topic that is not taking seriously enough because it affects all of us in different ways.

Some are getting really angry and completely lose control of themselves. Throwing their controller out of the window or smashing their keyboards 20 times in a row. I’m sure you saw one of these raging compilation on Youtube. Some are getting out their frustration verbally by saying the F word a lot or something like OMG He’s dog shit.

Sounds familiar?

Yeah I know it does.

Whether your react strongly or not, it all does have the same impact. It put negative thoughts into your head and it impact greatly your future games. Let’s say your start a tournament and your 100% focus. If you let anger control you, your focus drops dramatically because part of you is still pissed off from the last game. What end up happening is you are playing even worst and then it creates a snow ball effect your are tilting even more, you are then even less focus and you’re basically screwed at this point.

The most common reaction in those case is blaming everything, but yourself.

Bro if I had mats he would have been dead

I had bad RNG

My shotgun didn’t shoot I swear

He must have 0 ping

Aim assist is broken

I could name a douzen of reasons why people are putting the blame on something else but themselves.

The problem with the blamer mentality is that it prevents you from learning from your mistakes because you don’t admit to yourself that you could have done something different.

What you need to do instead is taking a small break go breath, some fresh air drinks some water and maybe listen to your favorite songs…Basically everything except queuing up on another game right away.

The first thing you got to understand is that in each and every game, 99 players are going to die.

Dying in Fortnite is inevitable, you will die a lot.

You need to be okay with that otherwise you won’t have much fun and especially the ones that are going to play with you.

The best thing to do is to VOD review your gameplay and ask yourself Why you died in the first place.

Keep a journal of your death. I know it’s sounds crazy but it help me a lot.

You can then analyze what are some of the primary reasons why you die all the time and find solutions accordingly.

If you are always losing box fight in game, then this is what you need to practice.

If you always die because you ran up on mats, maybe your looting path is not optimal and you aren’t leaving your initial drop spot with enough mats.

If you are always dying off spawn, always have a poor loadout mid game or you lack materials late game, then make sure to use my Ultimate Early Game Checklist

It will help.

The things is you need data. Why are you dying in the first place. This is the first question you should ask yourself. Sometimes it,s not directly related to the fight itself but something you did earlier. That’s why VOD reviews is so important.

By understanding why you die every time you could work on these weaknesses and improve. That way you have a sense of control over your anger.

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