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8 tips and tricks to consider when choosing the perfect landing spot in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

When you understand the differrent game phases that occur in Fortnite battle royal, it becomes clear that the early game must be entirely focused on setting you up for the rest of the game if you want to have a chance to win.

You need a solid loadout, one you're comfortable with and have plenty of mats to get through those intense late game situations.


You want to choose a location on the map that can give you everything you need in an optimal way while minimizing the risk of being contested.

Not knowing exactly where to land can lead to a sloppy start. You will waste some precious time by not having a looting path all figured out and you're most likely going to battle for loot and die trying.

Where should you be landing then?

Well, there are plenty of good spots on the map to land but one must understand what makes a good landing spot in the beginning.

I could give you my favorite landing spot right now, but the goal here is to make you think.

What to look for when choosing a landing spot?


1- An uncontested drop spot (1 or 2 players max) AIM FOR 0

While getting 1 or 2 kills off spawn can give you momentum for the rest of the game, you’re better off having more time to loot and farm if you want to reach late game. Avoid big POI. Try landing on the edge of the map at a unnamed location.


2 - At least 3-5 chests in a small radius (time matters)

Don’t waste your time on landing spot with one or two chests, there is too much RNG involved in this game to rely on this few chests, especially with the new update, chests now don't have 100% spawn rate so you might end up with less loot than usual . On the other hand, if you go for this landing spot with 10-20 chests, it will be 100% contested. Fishing holes are a great way to loot now so even if you don't have access to 5 chests because of bad RNG if you can fish close to where you land you'll have a decent loadout.


3- Easy to farm resources ( woods, bricks and metal)

At least one hard mats, metal preferably (at your POI or in looting route)

You want to have your farming game on point. Don't waste your time farming chairs and table when you can farm trees, rocks and cars. Sure you can hit them once or twice if you loot chests inside a house but the point is to get your materials up choose wisely what types of objects your farm.


4- Some form of rotation items (if it’s on the edge of the map)

It can be boats, cars, helicopter, whirlpool zipline, ect…

It's not something to neglect because you can save a lot of time on your rotation.


5- Some form of natural cover to fight in box fight style and avoid being third party.

This is really overlooked IMO, I don't like to land in an open area, I feel safer in a close quarter environment where I can use natural cover to fight and surprise my enemies.


6- Safe rotation path

If you know there is going to be 10 players at the authority, then it’s not safe to land near it, you know your opponents will be rotating towards you at some point.

Choose a smart rotation path to encounter the less amount of players possible during mid game.


7- Options in terms of a backup plan if too many players are contesting your drop

When scouting before landing to your spot, it’s okay to change your mind and bail out to another spot that is maybe less interesting but uncontested. I personally recommend having one or to bailing spot at every drop spot in case someone has a better drop than me.


8- Practice makes perfect

Mastering the perfect drop is not an easy task and you will need to spend some time practicing it in order for you to come up on top every time. I recommend dropping at the same place every game to become really good and loot on auto pilot.

You may choose a landing spot that doesn't have all 8 things to consider, but try to have at least 5 or 6 of them. It will have a dramatic impact on your ability to survive and being consistent.

Tell me which is your favorite landing spot in Chapter 2 seasons 4 in the comments below. And how much of these tips are included in it.

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